Irrigation Services

Northern Rainmakers offers a variety of services for businesses and residential clients. We do everything from new installations to addition or servicing of existing systems. Northern Rainmakers offers monthly maintenance contracts, for both residential and commercial properties.

A Northern Rainmakers service contract provides a comprehensive analysis of any existing system, we check for broken sprinkler heads, appropriate ground coverage, timers, valves and pumps, we then provide the customer with a thorough written analysis report and suggest any additions or repairs.

Sprinkler system services: Why you should install a sprinkler system?
  1. To protect your landscaping investment.
  2. To increase your property value.
  3. To save time, no more hand watering.
  4. To create even watering throughout your lawn and garden.
  5. To avoid worrying when going on vacation.
Every home and business owner understands the importance of an attractive outdoor landscape, but even the most beautifully designed landscape will not look its best without ongoing attention. One of the most important elements of keeping landscape looking its best includes proper irrigation, especially during those times of year when rainfall is scarce.

There are many different types of irrigation systems available. The most common are spray, rotary and drip irrigation.

Spray systems are the most popular form of irrigation for home lawns and gardens, and are most advantageous for small yard areas. The nozzles are easily changed to accommodate different spray positions, and the system in general is quite dependable, requiring little maintenance.

Rotary systems are most frequently used for large areas and are commonly seen on athletic fields. Rotary systems throw one or more streams of water up to 40 feet. This system is advantageous to cover large areas in which a high number of spray heads would be impractical. Despite the velocity of the water from the sprayer, rotary systems actually produce less water than spray systems.

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient, water conserving type of irrigation. Drip irrigation has a number of important advantages over other types of irrigation, including: Drip irrigation systems use a network of pipes and tubing to slowly and efficiently distribute water at low pressure. A low pressure distribution of water provides less waste than traditional overhead sprinkler types of watering, and in many cases a slow and steady water flow provides healthier and less disease prone plants.

Your new irrigation system comes with a full 3 year warranty on all parts and labor so you can rest at ease.


We use products from industry leaders such as Rain-Bird and Hunter, to match the high quality service of Northern Rainmakers. You can visit their websites at: and

Hunter - The Irrigation Innovators TorontoRain Bird - Sprinkler System


Northern Rainmakers uses the highest quality products the industry has to offer. Powerful valves from Hunter with heavy-duty performance in commercial applications help to ensure continued performance and reliability. The valve controls the water supply by an electrical signal from the controller/timer. Each valve controls one zone and shuts it on and off.
Valve - Toronto Irrigation

Timer / Controller

Timers, like the one shown below, allow you to control your water usage without worry. It is also efficient in saving you money by decreasing your water consumption during seasonal changes without altering the controller's everyday programs.

Timer / Controller - Automatic Sprinkler

Rain Sensor

Rain Sensors are designed to over ride the automatic irrigation system when adequate rainfall has been received.

Rain Sensor - Lawn Care Toronto

Pop-Up Rotary

Pop-Up Rotary is a sprinkler that rotates from 0° to 360°and waters medium to large areas. The distance and water flow of the water can also be adjusted.

Sprinkler Systems Toronto - Pop-Up Rotary

Pop-Up Spray

Pop-Up Spray is a sprinkler that is stationary, without any rotation, usually used in garden beds or small lawn areas. Each Pop-Up Spray can water from 0° to 360° and far as 2feet to 24feet.

Pop-Up Spray Sprinkler Toronto Pop-Up Spray Sprinkler Company

Micro System

Micro-irrigation refers to low-pressure irrigation that sprays, mists, sprinkles or drips. It is most commonly used for pots, hanging baskets, planters and small garden areas.

Micro-irrigation System Toronto

Valve Box

A Valve Box is an underground box that protects the valves from dirt and water. In the valve box there are wire connections and the manual service centre.

Valve Box - Lawn Sprinklers Toronto

Backflow Device

A Backflow preventer keeps water from back-siphoning into the drinking water supply.

Backflow Device - Toronto Irrigation

Copper Pipe

Copper Pipe is the piping system that is used to supply water out of the home into the irrigation pipe.

Copper Pipe - Sprinkler Company

Irrigation Pipe

An Irrigation Pipe is a vinyl pipe, which carries the water underground, thorough-out the sprinkler system.

Irrigation Pipe Toronto

Water Pressure (P.S.I.) and Flow Rate (G.P.M)

P.S.I. (Pound per Square Inch) is a unit that shows the water pressure when it comes out of the house. G.P.M (Gallons Per Minute) is a unit that shows the flow rate of the water. Both the Water Pressure and the Flow Rate indicate the number of stations/zones and the number of the heads per station/zone.

Water Pressure (P.S.I.) and Flow Rate (G.P.M) - Sprinkler Systems Toronto

Station / Zone

A sprinkler system on a property is divided into different stations or zones. Each zone waters different areas of the property.

Irrigation Plan Toronto