Automatic Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems in Greater Toronto Area

Northern Rainmakers of Toronto offers a variety of irrigation services for residential and commercial clients. We do everything from installing new irrigation systems to servicing your existing systems to adding on and improving your current irrigation installations.
With our monthly maintenance contracts you can be sure that the irrigation system you have installed in your residence or commercial property will always work at its best, year-round.

A Northern Rainmakers service contract provides a comprehensive analysis of any existing system, we check for broken sprinkler heads, appropriate ground coverage, timers, valves and pumps, we then provide the customer with a thorough written analysis report and suggest any additions or repairs.

automatic sprinkler irrigation system for large coomercial area Irrigation services:

Five good reasons for installing an automatic sprinkler system

  1. To protect your landscaping investment.
  2. To increase your property value.
  3. To save time, no more hand watering.
  4. To create even watering throughout your lawn and garden.
  5. To avoid worrying when going on vacation.

To maintain your garden so that it always looks beautifully healthy it is imperative to ensure it receives adequate water, particularly during times of drought.

By installing an automatic irrigation system into your outdoor landscape you can be certain that your plants will never lack water and will be able to bloom and thrive unhindered even when you don’t have time (or forget!) to turn on the hose.

At Northern Lights and Rainmakers Inc. we install three different types of automatic irrigation systems all of which can be customized to be effective in your size and style of outdoor area.

Our spray systems are ideal for use in Toronto’s smaller residential gardens and yards and are normally more than adequate for watering lawns, bedding plantings and shrubbery. These systems are easy to maintain and use and are generally very dependable. By simply adjusting the spray nozzle you can change the position, angle and flow of the water so that all your plantings receive the most effective form of irrigation to suit their needs.

Our rotary systems are most effective in larger open areas such as parks and sports fields. Each revolving spray head can throw water in as much as a 40 foot radius at any one time allowing a vast expanse to be watered from each irrigation point. These systems actually use less water than spray systems, even though the velocity and radius of watering is greater.

Our drip irrigation systems are the best in terms of water conservation and plant health and these are the systems that, for environmental reasons, we prefer to install. Drip irrigation is a slow and effective way to ensure that all your plantings receive adequate amounts of water throughout both day and night. The great advantages of drip irrigation systems are that they:

In order to be most effective drip irrigation systems have to be correctly installed so that the network of low pressure water pipes reaches all areas of your landscape.

With a Northern Lights and Rainmakers Inc. irrigation installation you can rest at ease knowing that your garden will thrive – and for your peace of mind we back up this claim with our full 3 year warranty on all parts and labor.


We want to be certain that every product we use is durable and reliable and always performs in the way that we intend it too. This is why we use such well-known brands as Hunter and Rain-Bird because we are confident that landscaping products from these industry leaders will always live up to their great reputations. If you’d like to check out their products for yourself please visit their websites at and

Hunter - The Irrigation Innovators TorontoRain Bird - Sprinkler System


Valves are used to automatically open and shut the water supply to different zones of your garden and are turned on and off with an electric signal. We use one valve to delimit each watering zone within your irrigation system.
We prefer to use Hunter heavy-duty valves because these are among the most reliable and durable on the market and are particular appropriate for commercial irrigation installations where reliable and continuous performance is essential.

automatic sprinkler system valve

Timer / Controller

Timers and controller mechanisms are important for regulating the amount of water that is used each time the system turns on.
You can set your irrigation systems to turn on at night when less water will be lost to evaporation. At the same time we use soil water sensors and other control mechanisms that only activate the system when irrigation is actually needed - in other words your irrigation system will adjust automatically for seasonal changes in watering needs.

timer / controller for automatic irrigation sprinkler system

Rain Sensor

Rain sensors are another form of controlling your irrigation system. They will automatically override the time device so that the system will not activate if there has been sufficient rainfall.

automatic sprinkler rain sensor

Pop-Up Rotary Sprinklers

Pop-Up Rotary Sprinklers rotate between 0°-360°and can be adjusted for water flow and distance. This makes them perfect for watering medium and larger areas.

pop up 360 sprinkler

Pop-Up Sprays

Pop-Up Sprays are stationary sprinklers without any rotation and so are usually used in garden beds or small lawn areas. Each Pop-Up Spray can water from 0° to 360° and far as 2 feet to 24 feet.

Pop-Up Spray Sprinkler Toronto Pop-Up Spray Sprinkler Company

Micro System

Micro-Irrigation Systems are low-pressure irrigators that feed water through thin hoses to spray, mist, sprinkle or drip water into your pots, planters, hanging baskets and smaller garden areas.

Micro-irrigation System Toronto

Valve Box

The Valve Box is buried underground box and prevents the valves from coming into contact with water and dirt. The Valve Box contains the electrical wire connections and effectively serves as a manual electrical service center for your entire system.

Valve Box - Lawn Sprinklers Toronto

Backflow Device

Backflow devices prevent water from siphoning back into your drinking-water system.

Backflow Device - Toronto Irrigation

Copper Pipe

Your irrigation system is connected to your home water system by copper piping installed underground.

Copper Pipe - Sprinkler Company

Irrigation Pipe

Irrigation pipes are made out of vinyl and are buried a few inches underground to carry water to all parts of your sprinkler, drip, spray or mist irrigation systems.

Irrigation Pipe Toronto

Water Pressure (P.S.I.) and Flow Rate (G.P.M)

P.S.I. (Pound per Square Inch) is a unit that shows the water pressure when it comes out of your house.
G.P.M (Gallons Per Minute) is a unit that shows the water flow rate.
We use both these measurements to calculate how many zones/stations and the number of drip, spray, sprinkler or misting heads your system can effectively support.

Water Pressure (P.S.I.) and Flow Rate (G.P.M) - Sprinkler Systems Toronto

Station / Zone

A sprinkler system on a property is divided into different stations or zones. Each station waters a different area of your property and can be independently programmed to water as needed.

Irrigation Plan Toronto

Northern Lights and Rainmakers Inc. of Toronto provides automatic or manual irrigation and sprinkler systems for all your commercial and residential landscaping throughout the Greater Toronto Area, including Markham, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Mississauga, and all surrounding areas.
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