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One of the best ways to increase living space in your home is by going outside! Having an outdoor living area will not only give you more flexibility, it will also improve the value of your home. There are many design ideas that will help to improve your backyard and you can have somewhere where you can relax or entertain during summer. Investing in professional landscaping services will help to ensure that you have space that you will enjoy. If you are looking for ideas to update your backyard in the New Year, the following tips can help.

1. Building or expanding your patio

If your home does not have a patio or if your current one is too small, expanding it will make a huge difference. Most homes have tiny patios that do not offer much in the way of living space. Outdoor living has continued to grow in popularity and the trend is expected to continue this year. This is a huge part of family life during the summer. There are different patio designs and the spaces can be made from different materials including concrete and flagstone. There are several options for every purpose, space and price range and you can get exactly what you need for your home.

2. Installing outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can help to highlight a home’s landscape in the best possible way. You can light up the porch, walkways, special trees and other features. Lighting provides both safety and security while enhancing curb appeal. Nightscaping helps to make outdoor gathering spaces more usable and you can enjoy entertaining well into the night. Landscape professionals design the best lighting to highlight or complement important parts of the yard. You can use lighting to enhance your home’s architecture by choosing attractive fixtures or you can choose hidden fixtures to create the best ambience.

3. Installing a water feature

According to experts, water features will not only enhance the landscape, they are also good for the health. Water features provide stress relief as the sight and sound tends to be very calming. Adding a water feature to your property will not only provide much needed peace and calm, it will also help you to connect with nature. There are different types of features and you can get one to suit your needs regardless of the size of your property. The features range from small ponds and fountains to streams and waterfalls. The features can attract birds and wildlife, adding to the magical experience.

4. Adding a fire feature

To extend your stay outdoors, you should consider building a fire feature. A fire pit can give you the feeling of camping while a fireplace on the deck can make your evenings much more pleasant. Nothing is more pleasant in summer than outdoor cooking and you can have a kitchen or grill that you can use all year round. Your backyard can become the favorite place for the family to hang out and it can also be a great place to entertain. Comfortable outdoor furniture will complete the atmosphere by creating a cozy space to relax. When building a fire feature, consider issues such as the size and fuel type.

5. An herb or wildflower garden

When planning the landscape design, talk to the experts about the best wildflowers or herbs to plant. Incorporating the plants will give your backyard more character than simply planting grass everywhere. Some beautiful and sweet smelling ground cover will enhance the outdoor experience and the colors will help to improve the aesthetics. An herb garden will come in handy if you love to cook and will make those barbecue afternoons even more special. If you love to show off your skills in the kitchen, talk to the landscape specialist about an edible garden. It is, however, important to remember that your garden will require work to keep it thriving and beautiful.

Consider your needs and lifestyle

When planning your outdoor space, it is important to consider all the factors. Think about how you want to use the space, the amount of space available and the traffic in your home. While you can incorporate all the ideas above in your backyard, you can also choose one or two depending on your needs. Think about your lifestyle and decide if the features will add value to your life. You should also think about whether you plan to live in the home for long or if you are planning to move soon.

When planning your backyard, think about your current and future needs and talk to the landscape expert about what you would like. It is a good idea to use a reputable landscaping company so that you can get the best advice and services. When hiring the company, find out if they offer maintenance or care services so that you can ensure regular care. This year can finally be the year when you transform your house into your dream home!

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