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Whether you have just moved to a new home or you are thinking of updating your current home, you should put as much thought into the exterior as you do the interior. The landscaping can go a long way in ensuring that you have a beautiful home that you love and that will attract positive attention from everyone. Your lawn should be lush and well maintained and to get the best results you have to ensure that you use the right grass.

Before you seed your lawn using fresh grass, you should consider all the variables that will help you to choose the right type of grass for your home. Choosing grass that will thrive in your environment is important for the results you want. The right grass should be able to withstand the physical and environmental demands of your lawn. It is always a good idea to talk to a lawn expert especially if you are growing a lawn for the first time.

Consider the traffic

The first thing you should do when choosing grass is to consider the traffic that you experience in your home. This means that if you expect plenty of traffic from kids or pets, you should choose grass that will handle the demands. For a busy household you should avoid bentgrass and instead consider a Zoysia grass. Grasses with strong roots are able to hold up against constant or heavy foot traffic, whereas grasses with more delicate roots are easily pulled out. If you must choose bentgrass for the decorative aspect, make sure that you install multiple footpaths to protect the lawn.

The light factor

You need to think about your climate or location when choosing grass. If your lawn is exposed to plenty of sunlight, your grass choices are different from a shady lawn. This means that if you have plenty of trees on your property, fine fescue is a great choice. For a largely sunny lawn, ryegrasses and bluegrass are appropriate. If your lawn has sunny sections and some that are shady, consider using different types of grass on the different sections. Find out about the types of grass that thrive in your region so that you can make the best choice.

Watering the lawn

Water is an important factor when you decide to have a lawn. You cannot expect to have a green and lush lawn without watering your grass. Fortunately, different types of grasses require different amounts of water and you can choose the type that is appropriate for your climate. There are types of grass such as bentgrass that thrive on wet lawns whereas some like Bermuda grass perform better on dry lawns. If the soil on your property retains too much water, aeration can help to relieve compaction. On the other hand, for overly dry soil you can use organic mulches to support the grass root system.

Find out about the soil type

Before you select grass for your lawn, you need to find out all you can about the soil type. There are three basic types of soil; loam, clay and sandy. The most ideal one is loam because it supports most grass types. When you know the type of soil on your property and the pH factor, you can choose the best grass for your property. When you use a professional lawn care company to design your lawn, you can benefit from expert advice. The experts will test the soil and recommend the best grass for your property and they offer lawn care services to make sure that you get the best maintenance.

Understand lawn diseases

Find out all you can about lawn diseases so that you know the type of grass to choose. While it is true that most grasses are susceptible to one disease or another, some lawns tend to be hardier. The truth is that your lawn care will determine how well the grass fares. Most experts recommend seeding the lawn with different types of grass to ward of diseases that tend to spread more easily when lawns have only one type of grass. The lawn expert will know how to ensure that your lawn grows strong.

The desired height

When planning your lawn design, you need to think about your desired grass length. The length or height that you desire will determine the grass type that you should choose. Some grasses grow higher and faster than others and you need to think about the most appropriate option for your situation. Remember that some grasses respond better to frequent mowing than others. You should determine how often you want to mow your lawn or how frequently you need to get mowing services.

When you consider that the grass you choose might be part of your lawn as long as you live in the home or want it to be, it is clear that choosing the right grass and treating it well is vital. Call in lawn care specialists to ensure that you get the best aeration, seeding and other maintenance services.

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