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Proper outdoor lighting can have a profound impact on your home’s ambience and appearance. Whether you love hosting parties or you simply enjoy spending quiet nights at home, your outdoor lighting can help you to feel safe and comfortable. It is important to consider installing outdoor lighting as a way to highlight your beautiful yard and your home’s exterior. You should not miss out on the opportunity to show off your property in the best light by creating a beautiful look. Following are unique outdoor lighting ideas that can highlight your home’s best features without looking too standardized.

1. Using lighting to contour and shape your yard

You can give your yard more definition while highlighting paths or sidewalks using lighting. By using string lights, stake lights and rope lights, you can outline the edges of the driveway, fences, your deck, and all the different sections of your yard. If every time you look outside at night you see indistinct dark masses, you can change this by using lighting to create symmetry and order. You have a wide range of choices when it comes to spacing, brightness and type of fixture. If you are trying to create a formal effect, stake lighting will work perfectly and a soft and natural effect can be achieved using rope lights.

2. Do not overlook the home exterior

When lighting your yard, you should not ignore the exterior of the home. Many people forget about facade lighting when designing the outdoor lighting. When coming up with lighting ideas, you have to make sure that your home looks just as attractive and inviting as the yard. The last thing you need is to have the house in the background looking dark and menacing. Consider using subtle lighting around the home and stronger facade lighting around architectural fixtures like windows, arches, and unusual lines and angles. Installing warm and inviting lighting at the front entrance is essential.

3. Using light to highlight specific features

If you want to highlight unique and interesting sections of your yard, you can do this easily using yard lighting. These unique lighting fixtures are available from different companies and they can be used for illuminating fountains, ponds, statues, pools, gazeboes, and other landscaping features. You can use small yet intense spotlights to draw attention to the structures, while creating focal points. You can emphasize the aspects of your yard that make it unique. You can also use focus spotlights on trees and unusual plants. The features of your yard can take on a different character during the night.

4. Lighting does not have to be on the ground

Outdoor lighting does not have to be confined to the ground. There are good reasons why hanging lights have become a popular landscaping lighting option. This type of lighting works by diffusing light, giving the yard a soft and beautiful ambience. With this type of lighting, your property does not have to be overwhelmed by a harsh glare. The hanging lanterns are available in a variety of beautiful designs and they can show off your yard perfectly. They add a very appealing touch and they can be used to create different moods, from elegant to whimsical. Hanging lights are easy to use and they offer flexibility.

5. Give your property a tint of warmth

When choosing a lighting design, you should consider a tint of warmth. It is important to remember that bold lighting does not work for every yard. You can use subtle lighting to give off a soft glow, offering a hint of what is out there. This can make your yard look more intriguing and natural and it can be a great conversation starter. Use muted lighting installed low to the ground near paths, shrubs and flowers, to give off an understated but comforting atmosphere. If your yard looks a bit too plain or bare, you can use restrained lighting to create the illusion of attractive features.

6. Get customized lighting design

The key to creating a unique lighting design is by making sure that it is customized to suit your property. It is important to note that your home is unique and you should use this to your advantage. Talk to the lighting expert about the best design for your home so that you can come up with a plan that works for you. While trying to be unique, you should find out about any neighborhood outdoor lighting regulations before implementing your plan. Avoid coming up with a lighting plan that is over the top and remember that there is a thin line between bold and tacky.

When creating your outdoor lighting plan, it is important to think about different factors so that you can customize the lighting scheme. Think about the type or style of home, the space you have and the mood you are trying to create in order to come up with unique landscaping ideas.

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