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Proper lawn care is very essential if you want your lawn to look healthy and beautiful. There are a lot of things that you should take care of in the lawn. Most of the care and maintenance is required when the season changes. Suppose winter just ended and when you see your lawn, you cannot bear looking at that very beautiful thing into a mess. Above all, there a few points that you should take care of. If you know them and follow them, you have done all for your lawn. The following are the all lawn care considerations that you should most definitely take.

  1. Seeds:

Not even grass grows without seeds. You should seeds of good quality. Sometimes, the vendors fool you and give you some weed seeds along with the grass seeds. So it is very important that you buy the seeds from the right place. The seed should be of high quality which will make the grass string and enable the grass to withstand any harsh weather conditions in the area. If the seeds are perfect, the foundation is great and that implies that later, you would not have to work on the lawn to repair it. To help the seeds have enough air and water, loosen the soil. This will help the seeds make contact with the soil and grow the roots efficiently. Before growing new seeds, you should remove all the dead grass and rake your lawn. Along with the seeds, add soil as well as starter fertilizer. A thin layer of soil should be used on the top after seeding. Also spread a starter fertilizer on the lawn which helps the seeds with the required nutrients for growing into grass.

  1. Mowing:

Mowing is the most important part of caring methods of a lawn. After six weeks of seeding, you should start mowing your lawn. After you have mowed your lawn for about 4 times, then you should feed your lawn with fertilizers. The clipping of the grass after mowing should not be bagged and thrown away. Instead, you should use the clipping on the lawn itself. Leave the grass clipping in the garden or meadow and save your time and effort. Because the grass clipping return essential nutrients to the ground, the lawn is green and lavish again. But make sure the clippings are disease free. If the grass getting clipped out from mowing is not healthy, then bag them; otherwise spread them on the ground. Do not mow the grass when it is wet. Start by mowing at a raised height and keep the blades sharp. Then gain mow from the opposite direction with a normal cutting height.

  1. Fertilizers:

You should feed your lawn and its grass with fertilizers. This will help the grass grow stronger and healthier. After every six weeks, you should feed the lawn. Read the label on the fertilizer packets to know its details and requirements. You should spread the fertilizers in the right way. For this, you can use a spreader. Applying fertilizers in the soil with your hand will make it difficult for you. Use a push-type spreader. Using a spreader will do the job in far less time that you would have taken to do the job by hands. Also, spreaders spread the fertilizers evenly and do not let you over-fertilize the soil even by mistake.


  1. Water:

Water is the next thing you should not forget about ever. Adding water to your lawn is the most essential thing for a healthy grass. If you are too busy to water the lawn and are not able to water the lawn evenly, you should water sprinklers in your garden. Garden sprinklers not only water the lawn, but also enhances the beauty of the lawn. Sprinklers are available in the market easily in different shapes and sizes for your lawn. There are round sprinklers, square sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers and many other kinds.

  1. Bugs:

Bugs come uninvited to your lawn and stay there unnoticed until it is too late. Lawn or a field is the home for a lot of bugs. You may not even notice when so many bugs created their own home in your lawn under your nose. To take care of the bugs, you should use a bug controller and spread it evenly using the spreader machine. Depending on the type of the bugs and insects, you should choose the right amount of bug controller. The flowers and buds in your lawn are most affected by the bugs and insects. You should spray insect killer of the right type to kill the insects and bugs present in your lawn.

  1. Weeds:

Weeds are to be taken care of immediately. Once you find the weed growing, remove it up right. Do not let them spread as they will spoil the fertility of the soil. The weed cannot be removed by cutting them from the top. You have to, instead, remove the weed from the root.

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