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There are different types of grass out there and each type has to be maintained in a unique way. There are no standard rules for all grass types since grass have to be maintained differently depending on their needs. Here are some care tips for the top grass types out there:

Bermuda Grass


One of the most common grass types especially in the United States is Bermuda grass. It has a very rough texture that makes it perfect for high traffic. It is one of the best choices for home lawns since it really loves the sun. It is also low-maintenance and that is why it is perfect for those who are too busy to provide TLC to their lawns. The fact that it is low-maintenance makes it perfect for first time lawn caregivers as well. Bermuda grass needs to be fed at least four to six times annually. Regular and deep watering is also necessary during the hot days of summer.

Bahia Grass

There is Bahia grass which is also known by its other name, paspalum notatum. Its texture its quite tough with blades ranging from two to six millimeters wide. Bahia grass is a very common choice for lawns in South and Central America. This is not a surprise since this grass can survive in sandy soils. It is also a sun-loving type of grass that needs to get a lot of sun. It would not thrive in the shade. Bahia grass is a low-maintenance turf as well since it does not have to be fed as much as other grass types. However, it has to be mowed once its leaves reach anywhere from two to four inches. If it does not get mowed regularly, straggly seedheads might grow from it.

Bent Grass

One of the top high-maintenance grasses out there is bent grass or agrostis. It is a very popular choice for golf courses but is slowly becoming common choice for home lawns. It is available in three varieties – creeping bent, common bent, and velvet bent. It is fine-textured and bright green in color. The leaves are flat and narrow and its roots are shallow. Bent grass requires frequent watering and that is why it would do well in areas that get a lot of rainfall. Bent grass also needs high levels of fertilizer.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Another popular grass variety is the Kentucky bluegrass. It is a smooth-meadow grass that is known for its beauty. Its leaves have boat-shaped tips and it has a natural height of two feet. The sides of the leaves are parallel and that is why they look quite stiff. Even if the Kentucky bluegrass requires full sunlight, it can still thrive under shade. That is why it is a common choice for small lawn gardens. It is important for the Kentucky bluegrass to get a lot of water especially during summer. If not watered enough, it might go dormant.

Above mentioned are some quick tips on maintaining popular grass types. If you think that you ever need professional lawn care services, you can always consider Northern Lights and Rainmakers Inc. Lawn care is our specialty and we have been maintaining beautiful lawns for over ten years already.

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