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There is a good reason why LED lighting use has exploded over the last couple of years. The lights offer remarkable benefits for different lighting applications both indoors and outdoors. LED lights can be used for different functions from home to commercial and even horticulture applications. The fact is that lighting, while essential, has been a costly issue for most users. The lifetime energy costs of using incandescent light bulbs can be very high.

The more energy efficient CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lights may be a more popular option for those looking for environmentally friendly and economical lighting, but the fact is that LED technology has taken it a notch higher and the lighting is the best option for efficiency, cost savings and improved performance. Lighting experts recommend the use of LEDs for outdoor landscaping as a way to save in the long term. Following are some benefits that you will enjoy when you choose this lighting option.

• Reduced long-term costs

When thinking about a lighting plan, you should think long term. It is not enough to implement a plan that seems cost effective today without thinking about the long term consequences. You need to find out how much it will cost you to maintain the system. Most of the LED lights currently cost more than CFL or incandescent bulbs, but the reduced costs that are associated with lasting performance and energy efficiency makes them the most affordable option. Apart from the low energy requirements, LED lights can last almost fifty or sixty times longer than incandescent bulbs.

• Powerful and bright lights

A good reason to install LEDs for your landscape lighting is to get the best illumination for your property. A unique aspect of this type of lighting is that it produces considerably bright and powerful light that is perfect for the outdoors. Many commercial properties result to using LED fixtures to get the most effective results. The fact that the energy efficient LEDs can produce as much or even more performance than other high-energy consuming lights is an amazing benefit. Unlike powerful lights like metal halides, the LEDs remain cool to the touch even after several hours of use and this means the surfaces are safe.

• Enjoy the diverse functions

LED lights offer diverse functions and this flexibility is great when you want to create the perfect outdoor ambience. LEDs come in a wide range of sizes and spectrum of colors and they are effective whether you want to create subtle mood lighting or to spotlight brightness. The LED bulbs and fixtures can be dimmable, which allows for diversity and different brightness that is not possible with most of the other lighting options. You can use very few LED lights to pack a punch and they do not often require the use of large or unsightly lighting fixtures.

• Get custom-made fixtures

The use of LED lighting continues to be a popular choice when installing outdoor lighting for both home and commercial use. You should consider replacing your current outdoor lights with LEDs and this can be accomplished by simply changing a bulb. The LED bulbs come in common socket and fixture sizes and you can also get them as custom-built fixtures. Whether you need solar powered portable or strip lighting units, you can get exactly what you need. Talk to the lighting experts about the best design for your home and remember that you can create a unique look using lights.

• Decoration and functional

Outdoor LED lighting can be both functional and decorative. Due to their brightness, they are perfect for lining the sidewalks at night and also for illuminating patios and doorways in the evening. They help to provide additional security and safety while also lighting large outdoor areas for dining and social events. Solar powered LED systems are a great choice for walkways and driveways and their energy efficiency and portability makes shopping for them in bulk a realistic option. You can also use LEDs to illuminate sports courts or pool areas for safe and high visibility during night use.

• Great creative opportunities

You can use LEDs for landscape lighting as they present a wealth of unique creative opportunities. You can use LEDs to provide a shimmering effect perfect for highlighting water features and accenting different reflections. Colored underwater LEDs help to create a beautiful and alluring glow, perfect for setting a charming mood that is ideal for outdoor entertainment. Colored and white LED lights are great for landscaping at night and accentuating gardens. String based lights are great for use over the holidays and for overhead lighting during outdoor events.

Professional lighting services use LED lighting as a way to meet client’s needs. The diverse and dynamic abilities of the LED lighting are perfect for bringing creative designs to life. Whether you need a subtle way to accentuate architecture or you are trying to create a vibrant atmosphere, you can get the best results with LED technology.

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