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If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can enjoy the naturally attractive feature that can be the perfect place to relax or entertain. Whether you want to spend time with your family or you are celebrating a special occasion with friends, your pool area is the perfect setting. As the evening hours draw closer, the outdoor light becomes scarce and this can spell an end to your fun. A dark pool can be quite dangerous and it is not the place to be late in the night.

Fortunately, you can extend your pool enjoyment through proper lighting. Designing and installing the right outdoor lighting plan will help to keep the pool as inviting and attractive as possible at night. You can enjoy swimming at any time of day or night with the right outdoor lighting. The ability to extend the use of your swimming pool will help to ensure that you make the most of your investment, while also ensuring that everyone on your property is safe. Following are some pool lighting tips to consider.

The pool area landscape

Lighting the pool area effectively will help to ensure that you enjoy not just the pool itself but also the area around it. The best pool area lighting will also include the deck or patio, while enhancing the surrounding landscape. Use strategically placed lighting to emphasize trees and statuary and to create a unique and dramatic silhouette. You can also integrate ground fixtures and path lighting to illuminate your flowers, shrubbery and other plants around the pool area. You should also consider installing a powerful fixture on a nearby tree to cast shadows and create the perfect moonlight effect.

Using underwater lighting

For the perfect spectacular atmosphere, you should consider installing underwater lighting. Water can transform light into a great sight as the waves and ripples glimmer due to the illumination. By installing outdoor light fixtures in the pool, you can enjoy the inviting glow from the water while also increasing visibility for users. Anyone can enjoy the water long after the sun goes down. You can find LED lighting in warm or cool shades of blue, red, green and amber among other colors. Apart from enhancing visibility, underwater lighting will create a dramatic or festive environment by altering the color of the pool water.

Enhancing with water features

Modern swimming pools come with features such as waterfalls, fountains, and other fixtures that help to increase the ambiance and the pool’s aesthetic value. The water features offer a unique opportunity to enhance the outdoor lighting. They help to create a great focal point when the lights are turned on. Correct positioning of the lighting fixtures can help to illuminate the water, providing much-needed ambience and visibility for evening enjoyment of the pool. They also help to enhance visual interest for the entire pool area whether or not people are using the pool.

Consider pool users

It is important to consider the pool users when choosing a lighting design. The angle of your outdoor lighting fixtures is very important when it comes to comfort. Installing the applications around the pool areas should be done in a way to avoid glare. Landscape and path lights that are installed at ground level should not be aimed into the faces of those using the pool. It is also important to avoid any harsh shadows. Outdoor lighting fixtures around the pool area should be aimed away from areas where people sit or relax, while allowing adequate illumination for the walkways, paths and patio surfaces.

Lighting the path

Apart from lighting the pool itself, it is important to light the path to the pool. Outdoor lighting is great for enhancing the surrounding area. You can create an attractive living space, while ensuring you enhance safety and security. Path lighting for the paths and walkways leading to the pool area from the house and other parts of the yard is essential. Path lighting is essential when planning the outdoor lighting, especially where the pool is not close to the patio door or the exit from the home. Everyone who wants to use the pool at night should be able to get to it safely.

Using the best fixtures

There are numerous pool area lighting fixtures in the market and it is important to choose the right models for your property. You can find the best lighting fixtures and power supply accessories in order to get the best lighting results. The fixtures come in different colors and finishes, which means that you can find exactly what you need to match your landscaping and décor needs. You need to make sure that the lights are installed properly for the best effect.

Consider installing lighting fixtures in colors that complement the landscape design and outdoor décor. By getting the services of the best landscape designers, you can turn your pool into the perfect focal point for your property.

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