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Most home owners and commercial property owners usually crave having a nice, green lawn on their property. In order to get to this level, you will need to pay attention to the technical details associated with lawn care, including the selection of the right type of grass. Having a casual approach towards lawn care often leads to problems such as having one that is too coarse or which is not as green as you wanted it to be.

Fortunately, you don’t have to focus on this on your own. You could hire a lawn expert to handle the process of turning a regular lawn into one that is reminiscent of a magazine centerfold. Some of the processes that usually need to be carried out to achieve this include:

Leveling the grounds

The first part of getting a very green lawn is making sure that the ground is level. This will allow easy mowing, easy irrigation and will also make it more visually appealing. It is important to note the difference between level and flat. Flat simply means that it’s not sloping, but level means that the surface has no irregularities on it. It is usually easier to make ground level, since it only involves filling up the pits and digging up the hills. This is not a vital part of growing a lawn; you can grow one even if the ground is uneven. However, making sure that its level will give better results overall.

Making sure that there is enough substrate for plant growth

Another process that might need to be undertaken is making sure that the soil beneath the lawn is nutritious enough. How this is done depends on how much one is willing to spend. For instance, you could simply dig up the lawn, and then fill up the resulting space with nutrient-rich soil. Another strategy that has been tried is putting organic matter such as humus on the soil some time before planting the grass so as to give it a perfect bed to grow on.

Most of the time, you will not need to make such radical changes in order to grow the lawn. However, if soil tests prove that the soil is barren, it would be wise to take some of them into account. Otherwise, you may end up planting grass that does not thrive.

Making sure that it’s well watered

Not all lawns need a sprinkler system or other form of irrigation. The decision to install one should be informed by factors such as how much water the area usually receives from rain, as well as the water needs of the species of grass you are growing.


Plant roots are responsible for the growth of the grass. The process of absorbing nutrients from the soil in order to support food production is usually an active one, and oxygen is needed. If the soil is not rich in oxygen, the roots usually have a hard time fulfilling this role, and this in turn means that the grass will become yellow.

To avoid this, it’s important to aerate the soil from time to time. How frequently this should be done depends on the nature of the soil. Clay has very little space between each of its particles, and when it rains this can reduce this space even further. This in turn reduces the amount of air that reaches the roots. This means that if you happen to have clay soil in your yard, it would be wise to have it aerated on a more regular basis than sand or loam soil.

Pest and weed control

Pests are a major cause of loss of vitality in lawns. It is important that they be controlled as much as possible if you are to have any hope of ending up with a stunning lawn. Once you notice the presence of any weeds in the grass, it would be wise to call a lawn care expert to come and remove it as soon as possible. Arresting the problem before it spreads to the rest of the lawn is cheaper and easier. It is also less likely to result in ugly patches around the lawn.

Restrict motion as the grass is growing

Having people walk all over the lawn will wear the grass out, and this means that it might not be as green as you wanted it to be. Installing pavements through it will reduce this effect. In the case of a commercial building, you can also erect a temporary fence around the part of the lawn that you don’t want people to walk on.

If you have been having a hard time making your lawn more attractive, you can try out any of these measures to achieve the look you want. Ultimately, consulting a lawn expert will be the easiest and best way to handle the problem.

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