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Do you spend a lot of time beautifying your landscape? Then you must be very proud of your hard work, right? But consider this. When the sun goes down, and night time comes, can your beautiful landscape be still appreciated? If not, then you can always consider landscape lighting. Here are some amazing tips on lighting up your landscape so that it can still be appreciated at night:

• Light up your pathways – It is important for the pathways to be seen at night. Or else, you, and even your guests might stumble through your lawn. Lighting is very important especially for stairs and elevated pathways. Proper lighting can help prevent accidents. Floor lights and path lights come in a variety of sizes and designs. Just make sure you do not install them in such a way that your lawn would look like an airport runway.

• Up lights – Up lights are types of accent lights that are pointed upwards. They are usually directed towards different features seen on the lawn. Some examples include trees, water fountains, stone sculptures, and other lawn decors. Aside from featuring lawn decors, they can also be pointed towards doors and windows to create a dramatic effect for the homes. Use them sparingly so that your house would not look like a local Hollywood bar.

• Down lights – If there are up lights then there are down lights. These are usually used in the interior to highlight picture frames and other wall decors. But they can be used for the exterior as well. These are usually installed above doors and windows to highlight these home features. They are used in combination with up lights to create a dramatic effect. Down lights are not that costly, but they have to be installed in canisters so that the bulbs would be hidden from plain sight.

• Consider solar lights – Solar lights are innovative lights that do not require any wiring at all. You do not have to worry about energy costs since these will light up for a significant amount of time once the sun sets down. Sure, they can be quite costly but at least they can help save up on your energy costs. After all, you do not need your exterior to be lit up throughout the night. These solar lights have to be installed where they can get a lot of sunlight and recharge.

• Backlights – Backlights are lighting fixtures that are installed behind the various elements on your landscape. Their location behind the landscape decors creates a dramatic effect for these things. A lot of exterior designers love using backlights in decorating flowerbeds. Backlights come in a variety of colors. Choose the ones that you think would best suit the elements you are planning to highlight.

Lighting up your landscape does not only provide aesthetic benefits but security benefits as well. Criminals are less likely to break into homes whose exteriors are well lit. If you are interested to get high quality lighting fixtures for your landscape, you can get them from Northern Lights and Rainmakers Inc.

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