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Landscape lighting is usually installed for the exterior of one’s home. For many years, it has been used for its aesthetics to provide the feel of a modern home as well as a security measure against intruders. You see, there is a difference between security lighting and landscape lighting. Yes, they are both installed outdoors but one serves a more functional purpose that lacks visual enhancements (plain-looking motion sensors that activate bright lights when someone or an animal comes too close) while the latter is used to enhance the looks of one’s home from the outside, highlighting the best features of their home.

However, homeowners no longer need to choose separate items as modern landscape lighting contains a mix of security features and aesthetics. In this article, you will learn how landscape lighting benefits one’s home and increases the level of security.

Encompasses the home with an invisible safety net

With this safety net that goes unseen by your neighbours and strangers, somehow you will feel safer when you come home alone in the wee hours of the night. Whether you live in an upscale neighbourhood or a city-like row home, you might experience a slight sense of uneasiness as if you are being watched or followed. The outdoor landscape lightings ensure that your area remains brightly lit and you can easily monitor activity from a certain distance. Additionally, this type of outdoor lighting also provides a welcoming sight as you approach your home, especially in the evening or night.

Dampen the spirits of potential intruders in a fashionable way

Any forms of security lighting for homes are designed to keep unwanted intruders out as well as hinder their success of gaining forced entry into your home. Whenever you leave your lights on, you tend to create the impression that someone is at home – increasing the risks that a burglar will face. Bright lights also help your neighbour keep a lookout of the surroundings, and these extra pair of eyes tends to benefit both their home and yours. It is always better to be safe than sorry – home security experts always recommend that prevention surpasses the woes of prosecution.

You might want to enquire with your home insurance agent if these landscape lightings possess the potential of lowering your homeowner’s insurance premiums. In some states it does!

Safer environment for your children and pets

With such lightings installed, you can rest assure that your children can play outdoors without you looking over your shoulders every now and then. The multiple bright lights serve as your watchful eyes and a strong deterrent towards suspicious characters and whatnots. Believe it or not, pets are also prone to cases of theft and they are not spared from crime. With well lit spaces, they can better sense and see who is approaching and if they should pose any form of danger.

Reduction of obscured and hidden areas around one’s home

With the lack of shadowy areas such as trees, shrubs and bushes, thieves and individuals who are up to no good, will no longer have a hiding space where they can lurk, stalk and strike from when you least expect it. Of course, there will still be blind spots that you need to take notice of. In addition to your heightened levels of security, you might also want to make the effort to maintain your outdoors to complement your security fixtures and lightings.

Prevents mishaps for the young, elderly and yourself

Surprisingly, security also comes in the form of protecting oneself from natural hazards around one’s home. For example, your concrete floor tiles have finally gave way after many years of service, and they have now become a trip hazard in your beautiful walkway. Until repair services arrive a few days later, you might have to deal with it for the next few days and nights. Meanwhile, your parents and grandparents might forget to avoid the damaged area and risk tripping over the protruded floor. Hence, landscape lighting increases the chances of preventing the aforementioned mishap.

Prevents furry visitors from invading your property

Do you have a garden that has recently bloom a bunch of beautiful flowers? Do you own a small vegetable patch outside your home? The aforementioned are vulnerable to even the cutest animals such as a rabbit. The landscape lights can be installed to deter their presence especially at night.

There are countless options for you to choose from today, whether you are talking about security or landscape lightings. You can easily choose the type of lighting that accentuates the best features of your home’s exterior, walkway and ornamental sculptures. There is certainly more than one way to brighten up your home; it is nothing like shining a harsh light in an interrogation room. For a sense of subtleness, you can always opt for in-ground lighting in some cases. What are you waiting for? Speak with a trusted landscape lighting specialist today and see what they have in store for you!

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