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People like to feel welcome when approaching an entryway or front door for the first time. Everyone loves to feel that they have a genuine invitation when they visit. When planning your landscaping, you need to know that your home’s design can go a long way in making your guests feel welcome and it can even draw them closer to you. First impressions can mean everything and your entryway can cause people to judge you in a certain way. An inviting and welcoming entryway can create a sense of beauty and movement that the guests will follow naturally.

When you decide to design a new look for your home’s exterior, you should consider getting ideas from different landscaping magazines and websites. There are many ways to ensure successful renovation for your property. If the whole idea seems too daunting to you, you need not despair as there are professionals who can help you to bring your dreams to reality. Talk to landscaping experts about your needs and ideas and they will help you to come up with the best plan. You do not have to put up with an ordinary entry or walkway when you can create a design to wow your guests!

Using interlocking pavers

Including different paving materials for the project will help to create the perfect ambience. There are many types of materials available but you should be careful about the use of color to keep the materials from becoming overbearing. If your front door has a concrete porch surface, you can use gray toned concrete unit pavers on the walkway to create a smooth transition. Think about the colors on your home’s front facade and the surrounding landscaping when choosing the materials. The beige and brown driveway pavers work perfectly with a brick colored house. You can create a landing that will enlarge the entry space or create the perfect gradual approach.

Use boulders and rocks

Professional landscape designers use large rocks and boulders to create a sense of movement. The materials have irregular curves that help to make them much more dynamic. They can use the boulders ascending height to mimic a series of steps leading to the front porch. When people look at these boulders, the eye will naturally follow the line. Rocks and boulders are very effective when you want to add interest to any landscape and they create visual contrast to the surrounding plants and shrubbery. The hard materials also symbolize stability and permanence.

Choosing fragrant plants

A good way to enhance your entryway is by using fragrant plants. Your guests can be ushered in by the great smell that they will associate with your home. Find out about the types of plants that have a pleasing fragrance and remember that it is never a good idea to use poisonous plants no matter how great the scent. A plant like Daphne has a very pleasant fragrance and while it makes a great ornamental plant, the fact that it is poisonous might not be a great option. There are other plants that you can consider and they include Gardenia, Asiatic Lilies, Heirloom Roses, Lavender, Thyme, Hyssop and Garden Phlox among others.

The elegant finishing touch

To create the perfect finishing touch for your entry walkway, you should consider using planters. The placement of the planters can be used to create different effects. They can be staggered to provide movement, while directing peoples view towards the front door. You can choose a wide variety of plants for the planters as a way to soften concrete pavers and brick walls. Without planters, a house can look cold, as there is nothing to soften the look of the walls and the hard walkway surface. They might not seem as significant as other features but planters make a huge contribution to landscaping success.

Using lighting effectively

Your entryway landscaping efforts are nowhere close to complete without the right lighting techniques. Lighting is a very important factor for the entryway for many reasons. Apart from helping to create the right ambience, lighting is also necessary for safety and security. No one will feel comfortable walking into a home that has a dark entryway. Apart from ensuring that your guests know where the path is, effective lighting will also help to enhance security, keeping away the bad guys. Talk to the experts about the best outdoor lighting for this important part of your home and remember that the lighting fixtures that you select will have a huge impact on the overall function and appearance.

A good landscaping designer will understand the factors and concepts that go into the best entryway design. You can have a special and unique entryway, which is the focal point of your front yard landscaping. Remember that the design and plants that you use in this part of the property are more likely to be viewed more closely than those in other parts of the yard.

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