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As the world is getting modernized, there are many new types of equipment available in the markets, which have proved to be a boon for the agricultural industry. Agriculture is the most important part of every country in the world. Countries like Toronto have many a large chunk of the population that is relying on agriculture as their source of income. A place where there is a shortage of water growing crops in the earlier times was a very difficult task. Modernization and new techniques have solved all the problems which were a hindrance to the growth of crops in many areas. There are many different irrigation systems that are launched in the market, which has made irrigation an easy affair.

Not only irrigating large fields is a troublesome task, but always looking after your small gardens can be difficult sometimes. A beautiful green landscape and different colour flower decorating the front porch of your house will add to the beauty of your house. What is the most important necessity for maintaining all this? The answer is an efficient and well managed irrigation system. An efficient irrigation system is one which helps to reduce the usage of water while supplying sufficient water throughout the field or garden. Now days, the most efficient irrigation system is the sprinkler irrigation system.

If you are thinking to get a sprinkler irrigation system for your field or your yard, you need to have a proper plan for that. Today in the world where we can customize every single thing, it is not hard to get a customized sprinkler system designed for your use which will be made according to your need. There are manufacturers available in the market that will help you to design a sprinkler system which will help you to minimize the use of water and irrigate your field properly. Such customized irrigation sprinkler system is just not only effective, but, it is also very cost effective.

Once you have purchased an irrigation system for yourself the problem is to install it. Don’t you worry about it; there is an easy and quick ways in which you can install it. The first thing you need to check is the water pressure. The suppliers and manufacturers of these sprinklers provide you with a manual which will help you to check the water pressure easily. The main requirement to install a water sprinkler irrigation system is 30 to 35 pounds per square inch pressure. The other requirement is to have 10-13 gallons per minute of water, and then only you will be able to make a sprinkler properly. If you do not know where to place the sprinklers in your field you can ask the manufacturer for a template on which you can make the drawing of the boundary of your field. These manufacturers’ supplies you with information about all the things you need to get from the tool store that you will need to install the system perfectly. They will also give a proper detailed plan of landscaping the sprinklers which will make your task easier.



You will also require permits to place the sprinklers so first get the permits from the local departments from your city. The other most important thing is to check for any buried gas lines and cable lines. To know this, you can call on one- call centre, which will help you to mark the local utilities needed.

Now that you have completed all the preliminaries, now you have to start with installing your sprinkler system. First, you need to dig trenches in order to lay the pipes and cables required to set up the irrigation system. You will also require finding the pipe from the water source to which you will connect the sprinkler in order to get the water supply. It is not a hard task to find the pipe as it is near the water meter in the basement or it can also be found under the surface.

Now, after you have found all the locations for digging up your sprinklers, you need to mark the locations so that it will be easier to place the sprinklers. You can use wooden planks as well as flags in order to mark the location. It will also become easier after the installation of sprinklers to find the sprinklers if you want to locate it.

The most important techniques for proper installation of the sprinkler irrigation systems are trenching as well as pipe pulling. These two methods are the most effective methods of installation. But if you are looking for a cost effective method of sprinkler installation, then go for pipe pulling method. The other advantage of pipe pulling is that it takes lesser time as compared to the trenching method to install the sprinklers. Other advantages are it requires less labor, less dangerous, lawn damage is minimized and it will require less restoration of the lawn.

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