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When planning your landscape, you have to think of all the factors that will help to ensure that you enjoy your property. It is one thing to have a beautiful garden, but if it is expensive to maintain, you will soon tire of it. There are several ways to ensure that you enjoy every moment that you spend looking at and working on your garden. Cost effective gardening does not have to mean that you neglect your yard and garden and let nature have its way! The fact is that you can save on your water bills and still enjoy a beautiful home with drought resistant gardening.

When you decide to decorate your lawn using plants and flowers, you have to be careful about the plants that you choose. It is helpful to know that you can adorn your landscape with ornamental plants that need a lot less water than usual, while still maintaining the green and healthy look. Your plants can continue to produce lots of flowers even without consuming much water. Drought resistant gardening or xeriscaping involves selecting plants that survive and even thrive on less water than other popular landscaping plants. If you are cost and energy conscious, xeriscaping will make a lot of sense to you.

Choosing native plants

This type of landscaping will involve choosing plants that exist or grow naturally in your particular region. These plants have a higher chance of surviving the different weather conditions that are experienced in your location. By using native plants in the landscape, you reap the benefits because once the plants are established, they will require very little watering. You can save the watering efforts to when experiencing extreme drought conditions. These are plants that have grown locally for years and unless you have prolonged drought, natural rainfall usually takes care of their water needs.

Choosing trees and shrubs

When choosing trees and shrubs for the landscaping, you should find out those that are drought tolerant. Fortunately, there are many shrubs and types of trees both large and small that can tolerate the drought-like conditions. Many of the large trees are usually native, but you can also get non-native options. Talk to the landscaping expert about the different options and make sure that you see some pictures so that you know what to expect when your landscape is mature. You can choose small flowering trees that are perfect for xeriscaping and home gardening.

Drought tolerant plants

Evergreen plants or plants that are drought tolerant can be a perfect addition to your garden. Apart from using the native species, you can also select exotic plants that are suitable for dry conditions. These are plants that can survive well in different harsh conditions. Plants like yuccas and junipers are evergreens that are perfect for xeriscaping in many regions. Junipers can be native or non-native and they come in different sizes, making it easy to find those that are a perfect fit for your garden. It is important to remember that your garden will need regular watering before the plants take.

Using ornamental grasses

One of the best ways to create the perfect landscape is by using ornamental grasses. The grasses are a popular option and their use has increased greatly over the past few years. Landscape designers are able to translate the beauty of meadows and natural prairies to the home or commercial garden. The use of bluegrass or switchgrass will help to enhance your home landscape. Professionals can give you all the information that you need about native grasses that thrive in your region. Nothing enhances the landscape more than green and healthy looking grass.

Installing themed gardens

You can save on water while enjoying a beautiful environment by choosing a garden theme. This is a great and unique way to use xeriscaping and you can use it to reveal your creativity. You can talk to the professionals about modeling your plant selection to look like something found in the savannah, meadow or natural prairie. If you want to create a particular look for your property, your choice of plants can help you to do so. The experts have experience and they know the best plants to suit your needs. Rock gardens can also be used effectively as part of the overall design.

It is important to talk to a local landscape professional so that you can find out the best information for your drought resistant gardening efforts. The best thing is that you can get the professionals to install and maintain your garden so you can enjoy the best results with minimal effort on your part. It might take some time to see the full results but you can be sure of enjoying your garden for a long time to come. Read landscape and gardening magazines to get some ideas about your garden design plans. It is important to know that no garden is completely maintenance free and you will need regular watering before your drought tolerant landscape becomes established.

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