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That’s right, for your convenience in the long run, it would be beneficial for you to invest in an automated system especially when it comes to lawn maintenance. One of the aspects that you know that you need to take care of is the need to provide sufficient water supply to your plants, at possibly regulated intervals and etc. You wouldn’t be at home 24 hours a day, and might not be comfortable for a stranger to step into your property.

Lawn care companies have come up with a solution to provide you with a sprinkler system, it can be well hidden and won’t be too obvious to affect your lawn’s aesthetic appeal. Make it work for you, while you work to settle your own priorities.

Choosing the right sprinkler to hydrate your plants requires your full attention to ensure that you’ll make the right choice. There are quite a number of sprinklers that you can choose from, and each is unique with its own set of features. Some of the things you need to look out for in a sprinkler are its possible coverage area, water pressure, and even hose diameter. But to save you the trouble, I’ve listed 2 common types of sprinklers you can choose from.

Spray Heads

Spray heads are also called “fixed spray heads”. This is one of the popular choices that are recommended by most lawn care contractors. Spray heads have the ability to water your lawn uniformly for that consistent green outlook on your lawn (no brown or dry spots). As the heads for this type of sprinkler is on a smaller scale, you can easily use it for:

• driveways
• sidewalks
• shrubs
• flowerbeds

The in-built sprinkler heads also prevent backflow or leakage of water, and that will save you money and other precious resources. Some other facts of these, are they should be spaced about 18 feet apart if more than one is used, they need 20-30 PSI of water pressure to properly function. They also come in varying ‘pop-up’ heights to cater to the needs of varying grass or shrubs.


The rotor type of sprinklers is great for medium or large-size lawns and distributes water evenly from 25 feet onwards, and can go all the way up to 50 feet. For light-sleepers or anyone who’s bothered by a slightest hint of a ‘whir’, they should go for these as these sprinklers are driven by gear which makes them very quiet, doesn’t need much to maintain, and are much more compact in size.

This time round, as they are stated to cover more area, they can be easily spaced up to 65 feet apart. As they are job requirements are much tougher than their spray head counterparts, they require a more powerful water pressure to get their job done.

Managed to pick one that you really like?

Congratulations on that! But before you part with your money, ask yourself these questions again:

• “What is my required water pressure?” – If the answer happens to be lower than 30 PSI, you can use either sprays or rotors.

• “Size of the area that requires irrigation?” – Would its dimensions be large? If that’s the case, go for rotors.

Finally, you should know that these sprinkler systems have to be maintained regularly to ensure they are able to run at an optimum level. Investing well in servicing, repair, and maintenance works can help you enjoy the benefits of good working sprinklers in the long run.

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