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Fertilization is a very important factor involved in lawn care. All of us are very well aware of the fact that the lawn needs a replenishment of the nutrients essential for its growth. There are many such essential nutrients like nitrogen. It is a very important nutrient as far as the colour of the turf and its growth is concerned. But the mistake that most of us commit is that we end up overestimating the turf that has an excess of nitrogen, especially when it is summer and spring time.

There is an optimum level of nitrogen that the soil needs that should not be played around with. Excessive nitrogen could also land you into much trouble. If you end up over fertilizing your lawn, you might have to face a thatch build up and an increased mowing requirement. Also, with some specific turf species, excessive nitrogen could do more harm than good. Also, the fertilisation of the turf needs to be done in a proper manner as it might turn out to be unhealthy in that case. If lawn care is your passion, you would know that the turf could lack many other nutrients other than nitrogen as well.

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