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A landscape that is adorned with flowers is a beautiful landscape. After all, flowers are attributed to beauty. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and they can really bring life to your landscape. Unfortunately, flowers require TLC. And some people do not just have the time and know-hows essential in gardening. If you do probably think that your landscape cannot be beautified with flowers anymore. But even if you do not have a green thumb, you can always take care of the following flowers:


• Sunflowers – A lot of gardeners would agree that the sunflower is the easiest flower to take care of. Fertilization should only be kept at a minimal rate since over-fertilization might cause the stems to break. Make sure you protect your sunflowers from birds and squirrels.

• Petunia – One of the most popular low-maintenance flowers out there is the petunia. Petunias have a high tolerance of heat. Thus, you do not have to worry about watering them constantly. Just make sure they are well-fertilized and they would grow beautifully. Once in a while, inspect for caterpillars and remove these pests.

• Marigolds – Next are marigolds. These are definitely perfect for novice gardeners and it does not matter if they are planted in the ground or in pots. They also repel bugs and that is why you do not have to worry about pests. When watering marigolds, make sure you water at the base and not overhead.

• Carnations – Carnations are flowers that you can let under the full sun. They emit a lovely fragrance. Because of that, they are usually cut and kept in vases so that their fragrance can be enjoyed indoors. They have to be kept moist though and that is why they would do well in areas with high humidity.

• Cosmos – The cosmos is also very easy to grow. Cosmos are flashy flowers that are very common gardens. People love taking care of these because they are perfect for flower arrangements. It is drought tolerant and it does not want to have a wet base. You rarely have to water them especially since you can rely on rain for that.

• Black-eyed Susan – The Black-eyed Susan is a flower that kind of looks like the sunflower. Black-eyed Susans are also very tall as they can grow up to three feet tall and two feet in diameter. They are tolerant for drought but has to be watered whenever the top soil is dry.

• Hydrangea – If you have a shady garden, then you might want to grow the old-fashioned hydrangeas. There are various types of hydrangeas but the most common ones are the Annabelle hydrangeas. These are creamy white flowers that tolerate almost any soil type. Avoid leaving them too dry because they might wilt.

These are just some good examples of flowers you can plant on your landscape. If you wish to hire professional landscaping services, consider Northern Lights and Rainmakers Inc. We specialize in lawn care, irrigation, and landscape maintenance in general.

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