Major Benefits of an Automatic Sprinkler System

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If you have set up a beautiful garden, possibly you’re watering it manually. Dragging the garden hose and manually watering the plants is a common way of keeping the landscape lush. However, it can become tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, manual irrigation means you need to keep guessing the right time of watering the lawn. So, if you’re tired of moving the water hose from the front yard to the backyard and keeping a constant eye over your garden, it’s time to get a smart watering system. Many homeowners are installing an automatic irrigation system to eliminate the hassle of watering the garden regularly. To keep the grass green and plants flourishing, it can be stressful to keep a track of the watering schedule. But automatic sprinkler and irrigation systems can make your life a lot easier. Installing an automatic irrigation system allows you to relax in the lawn chair while enjoying your favorite beverage without worrying about watering plants. If you still think the traditional manual irrigation is a better way of watering plants, it’s time to find out more about automatic irrigation systems.

What Is An Automatic Irrigation System?

An automatic irrigation system, also known as a “Sprinkler System” consists of multiple pop-up sprinklers. There is a controller, valves that release water to underground pipes, and sprinklers to distribute the water. The pop-up sprinkler system is installed below ground and remains invisible. It only pops up while watering the lawn. A carefully designed irrigation system is installed by a professional landscape contractor to ensure the best results. Some people have a misconception that an automatic irrigation system delivers water at a set time that could use more water and even result in excessive watering even when not needed after rain. But the truth is, the best system comes with an automatic timer and rain sensor to ensure optimal watering.

Benefits of Automatic Sprinkler System

Sprinklers have become an efficient way to water your yard that protects your landscaping investment. To know more about this irrigation system, let’s take a look at the major benefits of installing an automatic irrigation system.

  1. Save Time & Effort

As we all know, watering the garden manually can be very time-consuming. You need to get multiple hoses that are long enough to reach every corner of the landscape. If you have a lawn in the front, as well as grass and some plants in the backyard, then dragging hoses around the house can become tiresome. All this needs a lot of time and effort. But installing an automatic system can eliminate all the hassle and help you save a lot of time. You don’t need to keep rotating sprinklers to different areas and figure out the amount of time one sprinkler should water a specific area. The automatic system consists of multiple sprinkler heads that are installed throughout your lawn. This system covers every inch of your garden and ensures that grass and plants are watered evenly. It means that you don’t have to worry about watering daily or pay attention to how long or how often plants need water.

  1. Cost-Effective

Most homeowners believe that manual watering is economical. It is true that buying a hose cost much less than installing an automatic irrigation system. However, when it comes to long-term benefits, automatic sprinklers are more cost-effective. A properly programmed sprinkler system waters grass and plants at the right time and in the right amount. Excessive or missed watering could damage your garden. Failing to properly water your lawn could waste all the money you spent on setting up a beautiful landscape. Moreover, excessive watering could increase your water bills. All these problems can be avoided by installing an automatic system that saves water, lowers water bills, and keeps your garden looking great all the time.

  1. Add Value

An automatic irrigation system helps in keeping your landscape in top shape which improves the look and curb appeal of your home. Installing an automatic sprinkler system can increase the resale value of your home because your potential buyers will appreciate the convenience of maintaining the garden. You can set a time to turn on the sprinkler system at night that allows the grass to absorb more water. Moreover, features like water sensors can detect the level of rainfall to adjust the watering schedule and protect your lawn from being over-watered.

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