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Outdoor lighting is great not just for the front of your home but for the backyard as well. Apart from enhancing your curb appeal and turning your home into a beautiful showpiece, lighting can also help to spruce up your outdoor living space. Deck lighting can turn your backyard into the best spot to relax with your family and friends or to entertain guests. This can be the perfect place for celebrations and barbeques, which go on late into the night. Turning this area into a shining nighttime location will make your home more beautiful and functional.

Choosing the right deck lighting design will help to set the perfect atmosphere. Whether you simply want to relax alone on the deck or to entertain a large gathering, a good design will enhance your outdoor area. Your deck does not have to be large or multi-level for you to enjoy the benefits of outdoor lighting. Regardless of the size of your deck, the right design can transform a simple backyard deck into a beautiful work of art that you will love and enjoy. The following tips should help in your lighting project.

Using deck lighting for functionality

When choosing lighting for your deck, you need to consider how you plan to use the space. Determine the ways you can use the deck so that you know the different lighting solutions that you require for the different areas. Most modern deck designs come complete with a built-in cooking area or grill. You will require bright task lighting for the cooking areas so that you will not have difficulty delivering perfect meals. If you have a deck dining area, you need to create the right mood for the best dining experience. You can also use accent candles when you want to set the right dining mood.

Using lighting for safety

If your deck has stairs or you have a path leading to the area, it is important to ensure that it is well lit for safety. Accessing the deck at night should not be like trying to maneuver in a landmine. When installing stair lighting, make sure that it does not shine into the eyes at this will make it difficult for people to see. For the best results, you should use light that is cast downward to illuminate each step adequately. Lighting can also be installed under deck handrails for safety and to create a nice effect, while keeping the lighting fixtures out of sight.

Highlighting the deck perimeter

It is important to install lighting along the deck railings to alert users about the deck perimeters. This is especially important when entertaining guests who might not know what your deck looks like during the day. When choosing lighting, make sure that you consider different options. If you decide to install lights on posts, make sure that they do not shine into the eyes when people are seated. Planning where to put the seating areas will help when installing or placing the light fixtures. Think about the height of the fixtures and if your property looks out to a scenic view, the fixtures should not block it.

Choosing the lighting plan

It is a good idea to keep your deck lighting plan low key to avoid overwhelming the entire landscape. You need to realize that the plan that you choose will determine how beautiful and functional your deck will be. Keeping it low key will ensure that the glaring lights do not shine into the eyes of people trying to enjoy the lovely summer evening. After choosing task lights for the different areas that need special lighting, consider areas or features that you want to highlight or draw attention to. You can use dimmers to adjust the lighting to suit different functions or occasions.

Accenting special features

Use low voltage lighting to accent different deck fixtures or plants. The lighting is perfect for use along water features, making it perfect for decks that are built around a swimming pool. Lighting the pool deck area is essential if you want to light the area for evening entertaining. Whether you want to swim or simply to relax on the deck, proper lighting is essential. The lighting system also acts as a safety feature that helps to show the presence of the pool to those who may be unaware. Accent lighting is great if you have trees and plants or a beautiful garden that you want to highlight.

A professional lighting company or landscaping specialist can work with you to create the perfect deck lighting plan. They can offer advice on the correct placement of outdoor lights for both beauty and function. Make sure that you discuss how you use the deck and outdoor area so that you can come up with the best plan for your needs. To make the most of your deck area, ensure that you invest in the best quality products and work with professionals who will offer the best outdoor lighting solution.

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