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If like any avid gardener you pride yourself in creating the perfect display of colors, textures and shapes, the fact is that you want to enjoy the sight for as long as possible. Unfortunately, revealing your flower garden in all its glory can be difficult when the sun goes down. One way to make sure that you extend your time outdoors is by installing outdoor lighting. Lighting up your flowers beds will also help you to prolong the time that you can work on your garden.

When thinking about garden lighting, you need to know that colors may look different with night lighting than they do during daylight. There are also flower blooms that close at night and the colors do not have the same visual appeal. It is important to find out all about nighttime blooms, plants that look best in the night and those that add interesting shadows. By choosing the right plants and installing proper lighting, your garden can give you the best and you can enjoy your spectacular flower bed.

Choosing the best plants

It is important to understand the types of plants that are perfect for your garden. One thing you need to know is that there are plants that only flower during the night. By including these flowers in your garden, you can get the best effect. It is a good idea to get accent lighting to highlight these night bloomers. You can get the best outdoor lighting to enhance or illuminate the colorful blooms, while also adding interest to your garden. Find out the different species that are available for your needs.

Talk to a gardening expert

It is a good idea to talk to a gardening expert so that you can get the best advice. You can find out the best plants available and they include Moonflower, Flowering Tobacco, Evening Primrose and Night Blooming Cereus. The best plants release a sweet or lovely fragrance and you can enjoy the sight and scent during the evening. Moonflower has a lovely scent and you can use subtle lighting to reveal the blooms while creating interesting shadows on the wall.

Flowering tobacco has tall stems that create interesting effects in the night light, while the night blooming cereus produces large, white flowers that have a nice fragrance. They can climb to heights of up to 30 feet, making them perfect for landscaping. Evening primrose also blooms only in the night and the yellow, white and pink shades produce a very sweet scent. Talk to an expert about the best plants and make sure that you look at some samples so that you can choose the best options.

Installing outdoor lights

You can use outdoor lights to accent your flowers and to get the best effect you need to design the best lighting plan. Fortunately, this is not something that you have to do yourself, as there are people who have the experience and expertise to help. The landscaping experts know how to use lighting to bring out the best effects. There are things to consider when designing the best lighting plan for your garden and they include how the light reflects off the plants.

The perfect lighting design will differ depending on the density of the plant’s foliage. If you choose plants that are not too reflective you need lighting that is bright and vice versa. You can also use colored lights to highlight the flower beds during the night. Outdoor colored lighting is not just for the holidays, you can use it to add vibrancy to your colored blooms. When used sparingly, they can add an overall beautiful touch to your garden. White and silvery plants tend to be good for night gardens.

Different lighting techniques

For the best lighting effects, you should use a variety of techniques around the garden. Look at all the garden features and try to come up with the best way to highlight them. A careful inspection of the features is necessary to come up with the lighting techniques that will best add moonlit and shadowing effects. Lighting from above and below can create interesting effects with the different plants. It is important to think about how the lighting will affect the plants as they grow. It may be necessary to get regular maintenance to cater for the changing shape of your garden.

When planning your garden or choosing plants, you should consider both the night time and day time looks. Choose colors wisely and remember that some plants that are perfect for the night may not be as attractive during the day. Apart from blooming plants, you should also consider using feathering grasses and small trees in your garden. Think about the size of your garden when coming up with the best lighting design. You can also use lighting to highlight other features like fountains and statues that you place on your flower bed. Choosing low voltage LED lighting will help to ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your garden.

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