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The lawn is that part of the house which makes a strong impression on a visitor. Whenever someone visits your house and your lawn is located in the front of your house, the visitor is going to judge on the basis of the beauty of the lawn. Lawn is a representative of the house and its members. It is, therefore, very important to maintain the lawn as is. And if the weather reverses things, you should follow a complete methodology for the lawn. Do not panic thinking that the lawn maintenance is a tough work and you will have to put in a lot of effort. But there are a few quick and easy tips to maintain your lawn which will not take much effort. You should just set some maintenance goals and try to achieve those goals within the set time durations.

To achieve those goals, you should the three most important things about the lawn. The first thing is the soil; if the soil has the correct nutrients and correct ph, your lawn is great. Second thing is the grass type; take care of the grass type you have in the lawn and provide essential nutrients for it. Third thing is the prevention of weed growth; if you do not the weeds take over your lawn, your lawn is safe and beautiful. To keep your front yard clean and healthy, you should keep in mind the above mentioned three elements. They are the key to a healthy lawn.


And as they say, nothing good will grow in bad quality soil, not even grass. So the quality of the soil should be the best. The color of the grass will also depend on the soil. So, if you want your grass to have a rich green color, you should take care of the soil. You check for the amount of oxygen is present in the soil and this will ensure the healthy growth of grass. You should cautiously use fertilizers and pesticides. Organic fertilizers like compost or manure should be preferred. And as we know, excess of anything is dangerous; the excess of fertilizers is also dangerous for the soil. Overusing the fertilizers may even turn good soil into bad soil. Your first priority should be the soil. Before considering anything else, you should focus on soil. Because if the soil is good, then so will be the grass and hence the lawn. Apart from the fertility of the soil, you should also consider the compactness of the soil. If the soil is compact, then there is no water or air inside it for the roots to breathe. Compacted soil is unable to absorb sufficient water and is also not aerated. To recover from compact soil, you can use a spade and turn over the soil repetitively which will aerate it.

Mowing should be the next priority. If the grass grows at an unnatural rate, it resembles a jungle and it no longer looks like a field or a lawn. So the height of the grass should be maintained. Use a sharp blade in the lawnmower and cut the grass to leave up to 2-3 inches above the ground.

For any bad spots in the area, you have to have patience. They will not be treated right after you find them. It is going to take time. Natural decomposition will not make it right. A bare patch means tough soil and tough soil is tough for the gardener. You should apply water regularly to the tough patch and also add more grass seeds in the area. This will help those bad spots, but not immediately, over some time.

The next thing to notice is the weeds. The weeds are unwanted plants that are grown on their own near grass. They add no value to the lawn and in fact, degrade the soil health. The weeds have a very negative effect on the grass as well as the lawn. For a healthy lawn, you should not just cut out the weeds; you should remove them from the roots. The removing of roots is a process which will need much human effort but your lawn is totally worth it.

If you do not yourself have the time to take care of the seeds, of the soil, weeds, grass, etc. Then you can always hire a service that will help you maintain your lawn. Doing all the things on your own can be a little difficult and time-consuming task. Therefore, you should take help from others. There are many services and service companies which can help you take care of the lawn. Such companies are available in every city like Toronto. The experts and professionals can help you take care of your lawn and make it look the healthiest lawn. You can start taking pride in the lawn again, once it is taken care of.

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