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Many people favour making use of sprinkler systems for the purpose of irrigating their lawns and fields but what most of them do not realise is that there are some disadvantages associated with this sprinkler system as well. It is not a one stop solution for all the irrigation troubles. If you happen to reside in an area where the conditions are particularly windy or extremely hot and dry, the application of water with a sprinkler system might not be very uniform and efficient. Moreover, an automatic sprinkler system involves a heavy capital cost as the costs involved with the immense energy requirements are fairly high.

An automatic sprinkler system is not an ideal irrigation method when it comes to a paddy crop plantation. Also, if the crops are of a kind that are prone to get diseased in the presence of excessive moisture, the automatic sprinkler kind of irrigation system needs to be avoided as it could do more harm than good. Also, it needs to be taken care that the water, if infected with impurities, might lead to causing damage to the system. Also, the same holds true for impurities.

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