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If you are disappointed with your current lawn, there are a few options you can try to rehabilitate it. The most common thing that most people would do is to try and use fertilizers and other products to try and encourage the grass to grow. However, if you have been trying this for some time and have not noticed any results, it might mean that the only way to get a lush lawn would be by getting rid of the current grass and growing new grass. However, this has the disadvantage of needing a lot of time before you can see the results.

Resodding is an alternative that you are likely to find very appealing when you are in such a position. In essence, it means getting a layer of grass that is already mature, and then simply placing it on your current lawn. The closest analogy to describing the process is that it’s like installing a carpet, but one made out of real grass.

Things to manage before resodding

The initial step in the process is preparing the ground on which the turf will be laid. Most of the time, you only need to dig out the current grass, and then install the new turf. However, it might pay to do a few extra things to ensure that your efforts yield more fruit. These include:

• If you had a sprinkler system in place, try to have it inspected and repaired if need be at this point. Remember, there will be no grass on the lawn, so it would be easy to access the pipes. In some cases, it might be prudent to get rid of the old sprinkler system and install a new one. This is especially so if it was very old or too inefficient.

• Have the soil analyzed. When doing resodding, the turf normally comes with a layer of soil of its own. However, the grass might end up sending roots into the soil on your current lawn. If it turns out to be extremely barren, the results might not be as good as expected. You can test the soil and then make changes to it to make it more suitable for a lawn before doing the resodding.

What type of grass should you get?

Most resodding specialists will give you the option to choose from a variety of species of grass that you can install on your lawn. It’s important that you choose a grass type that will make it easy to care for the lawn. Some of the variables that you can use to determine this include:

• The rate of growth of the grass: This will determine how frequently you will need to mow it

• The height to which the grass can grow: Typically, lawns look better if they have grass species that don’t grow too high

• How hardy the grass is: Having a lawn with grass that is too fragile means that in the event of even a slight draught, it would go brown. Species such as Kentucky Bluegrass are usually preferred on account of their hardiness especially during draughts

• The hue of the grass: All grass is green, but different species have different shades of green. If you are very specific or have particular needs about the color patterns you want to have on the lawn, you would need to pick out the appropriate species for this

Technique is king

If you have decided to resod the lawn, another way to reduce the failure rate is by choosing a contractor who uses the right technique in installing the grass. Firms that have a lot of experience in handling these types of projects tend to be more reliable. Everything from handling the turf to installing it is usually done according to a specific set of standards, ensuring that the outcome is always consistent.

Supportive measures after resodding

Once the process is done, the lawn should not be neglected. Supportive measures that would apply for any other type of lawn would also apply in this case. These include making sure that it’s irrigated as needed, and that the correct mowing technique is used for the lawn. Weed and pest removal should also be kept in mind to maintain the health of the new lawn. Some authorities also recommend restricting excessive movement over the newly resodded lawn to give the turf enough time to take.

In summary, doing resodding is an excellent way of establishing an amazing lawn in a matter of hours. Choosing to work with a firm that has been handling these types of projects for a long time is often the best way of making sure that it works. Their professionalism will ensure that you understand exactly what is going to happen, and that the results will be stunning, both to you and anyone else who sees the lawn!

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