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A new home definitely needs new tools, to ensure that proper maintenance can be done as and when you would like to. Especially for an area that faces more to the outside — such as a lawn — it is imperative that you can utilize the necessary tools to keep it looking nice, and from an accessible reach.

Whether you want it to be for recreational purposes or for aesthetic appeal, you must provide proper for its longevity and peace of mind. The tools below are a must-have for every lawn owner, but if the work seems to be out of your control and the area to cover is not within your ability to handle, it would be best to hire a lawn care services to assist you maintaining your lawn.

Lawn mower

If grass cutting is one of the items in your to-do list – these grasses grows fast! Lawn growth can increase substantially just over a span of 20 hours, purchasing a lawn mower with self-propelling capabilities will definitely make your regular or occasional mowing much simpler. Usually conventional grass cutters tend to cover your grass with mulch, and to prevent that mess from happening, it would be very helpful to get a mower that comes with a bag clipping to trap all those unwanted by-products. Larger lawns undoubtedly require bigger machines, like a tractor.


You can find these babies either in the form of a round or square tip. They are effective when you need to extract a certain amount of soil to make space for something. If a lesser amount is required, or there is a tight spot to reach into, a small hand shovel-like tool will come in handy.


Healthy plants require clean and precise cuts during their trimming and pruning process, as only from these they are able to maintain that desired healthy look. In this case, bigger isn’t always better. A small hand clipper is enough to do the trick. However, if one chooses to use something like a large hedge clipper on bushes, shrubs, or vines, it will only result in ragged cuts that will stress the plants.


While they might not have a direct effect for lawn care, they are part of the essential tools that keep your hands protected from external factors. Some plants have thorns, and some fruits or lawn items out in the field that can cause splinters, cuts, scratches and etc. If you constantly need to work with heavy tools, gloves can provide you that firm grip and prevent blisters from forming. While working, you may also have startled certain insects or bugs that reside nearby, and they may try to bite or sting you. So having gloves on ensures that minimal damage can come your way.


Always have them in heavy-duty form and handy by your side, for you to be able to collate all refuse from random sticks, leaves, clippings, and any other unwanted trash into a single collection point that’s convenient for you to later dispose for further action by your area’s trash disposal units.

These are some of the tools that you can use for your minor lawn care efforts. But they may not be enough for a full-scale landscaping or big project kind of jobs. Remember, there’s always an expert when you need them.

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