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Automatic sprinkler systems have a lot to boast about when it comes to boasting about the ease they infuse into irrigation. But the benefits of such systems extend beyond these mundane concepts of convenience. The system losses occurring as a result of the seepage as well as run off tend to get reduced substantially when an automatic sprinkler system is used. Also, the fear of over irrigation gets eliminated and the water gets applied uniformly throughout the portion of land where it is required.

The requirement of irrigation water is reduces if we were to compare the sprinkler type of irrigation system with the other irrigation methods. The land need not be levelled in the field for making use of an automatic sprinkler system hence the possibility of maximising land usage is increased. If the fertilizer were to be injected in the source from which the sprinkler system dispenses water, it would result in a very uniform sprinkling of the fertilizer in addition to irrigating the land area. It is easier to monitor and control the growth of weeds if the automatic sprinkler system is employed for the purpose of irrigating the fields and lawns.

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