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The landscaping is an important part of your personal space thus you certainly want it to look good and make you feel secure in it. Lighting plays an important role in the way in which your landscape presents itself to you and your guests so it is all up to you to make it look great by choosing proper lighting items and technologies. There are numerous ideas which you could consider for your landscape lighting needs and some of them will certainly help you create something special for yourself.

Variety is the key

When you decide to start installing proper lights on your landscape you should consider the importance of variety for the overall effect. You do not want to use too much of the same type of lighting because it will make your landscape boring and no one will be attracted by it. Furthermore, focus on choosing various outdoor lighting techniques which will brighten your landscape and make it full of life and with a special energy for whoever passes by. You should create special effects by using interesting spotlights, flood lights and path lights. They will create a special space where you will feel safe to wonder around at night.

Avoid light pollution


You definitely want your landscape to be well lighted and look amazing but you should stay away of light pollution. Do not choose lighting that just brightens the place up but also lighting that is not harmful for your health. You should go for spotlights with glare guards and place them in subtle locations so that they might ensure proper lighting but without being too out in the open and harming your eyes and health in general. You will achieve an elegant look this way and keep the light from shining directly into anyone’s eyes or the house belonging to your neighbors thus not disturbing them either.

Symmetry is important

One of the common problems encountered in the case of landscape lighting refers to the way in which path lights are used. When they are placed too closely or unevenly they tend to make the driveway look pretty bad. This way of arranging your lights could make it look like a runaway rather than a pleasant outdoor space where you could wonder during the day or during the night and feel comfortable being there.

Symmetry plays a very important role in this case because if you stagger the lights for example you will manage to create an amazing zig-zig path that will attract everyone’s attention though its amazing design. You should also avoid using path lights on equal distances on opposite sides because it will once again create a shallow effect.

Mixing things up a little

Avoid using lighting that might make your landscape look boring by seeming too perfectly matched with everything. Sometimes abstract is much better than perfect symmetry as long as everything looks good as an overall space.

Proper landscape lighting is very important. If you are interested in making your outdoor space secured, looking good and want to increase your house’s curb appeal, contact us and learn more.

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