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You can create a beautiful and serene backyard with the best landscaping design. Your backyard can be a place where you relax with family or socialize with friends and it can provide much needed solitude. You can sit and enjoy nature in your private sanctuary when you have the perfect spot for it. When working with your professional landscape designer, discuss ways to create a place in your backyard for socializing and also an area where you can enjoy some privacy. The space available will determine how the design will work and the fact is that it can be challenging if you have limited space.

When designing the landscape, you will need a plan that will help you to keep away peering eyes from the neighbors. A good design will not leave you feeling like you are completely exposed to people in the surrounding properties. Creating much needed privacy in your backyard should be a priority when you have a small lot. Most people will not want to give their neighbors a front row seat to all that happens in their yard. Whether you enjoy outdoor dinners or reading in solitude, you will appreciate the feeling of privacy in your own backyard. Following are some tips to enhance the feeling of solitude outdoors.

Using shrubs for screening

A great way to create privacy is by using shrubs. Planting shrubs will help to provide screening and depending on the type of shrubs that you choose, you can be completely hidden away from sight. Talk to the professionals about the best shrubs to use and remember that you will need plants that grow at least six feet when mature or higher than eye level. Deciduous shrubs may be great when you want more leaves during the warm season but evergreens may be more convenient for all year privacy.

A beautiful arrangement will help to enhance the appearance of your landscape. Planting the shrubs in a row or straight line can create a formal look while a staggered or loose design will look more natural and informal. The size of your backyard will help to determine the arrangement that will work for your property. You will need more shrubs to create more effective screening results.

Planting some trees

Several trees or even a single tree can help to provide a measure of privacy. By adding some shade trees, you can transform your yard landscaping in different ways. Having a canopy of branches and leaves will help to define your space and your yard will not have to feel narrow or tight. The tree can screen unwelcome views to your house and it can provide the feeling of separation making your outdoor space feel larger. Talk to the professionals about the right tree selection so that you find those that grow tall. Pruning lower branches as the tree grows will give added height to the space.

Installing privacy fences

Waiting for screening shrubs to grow high enough might take a while and if you do not have the patience to wait, consider installing a privacy fence. There are many types of fences available and you can choose a design that will work perfectly with other landscaping features. For the natural look and ambience, consider choosing a wood fence. This type of fence is often the most effective when it comes to screening and it also helps to create a great look for your property. It is, however, important to know that a fence or any other hard edge can make your space feel smaller. Some shrubs, trees or perennials along the fence can soften the look while adding some depth.

Get strategic designing

There are many good reasons why you should leave the job of landscaping to the professionals. One of the best reasons is so that you can benefit from the best design. Come up with the best ways to strategically place outdoor living areas for maximum privacy. When planning a spot for your deck or gazebo, remember that placing the structure closer to the home will create a more private setting than installing it in the middle of the yard. Design is everything when you are trying to create privacy while also getting the best outdoor appearance.

Embrace partial screening

If you want to maintain the open and natural look while ensuring privacy, consider using partial screening. Instead of enclosing the entire backyard, you can get a partial screen that will block your patio from view. A fence along one side or carefully placed small trees or shrubs may be adequate to get the desired results. You can also use a structure like a pergola or gazebo to provide some privacy. Planting a climbing vine can make the structure even more private. Leaving a portion of your yard open will make your yard seem larger and you can benefit from borrowed scenery.

Regardless of the space that you have, an experienced professional landscape designer can help to ensure that you enjoy a private getaway in your backyard.

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