What Are The Factors That Should Determine The Type Of Sprinkler You Get For Your Lawn?

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Sprinkler systems are essential in the maintenance of a lawn in the best state possible. However, the problem is that many people have the wrong idea regarding how to pick and install sprinkler systems, and this usually results in them ending up with products that don’t really suit them. The best way to avoid this is to understand the variables that determine sprinkler selection, and then making sure that one adheres to them when shopping for such a system.

Why is this important? One good reason is that choosing the wrong sprinkler system for a specific application has the potential to be expensive. You may end up picking a system that produces a lot more water than your lawn needs, and this would be expensive for you to maintain in the long run. Some systems are also more complicated to maintain than others, and are not suited to individuals who might want a no-frills option. Some of the variables you can rely on to identify a sprinkler system that can work for you include:

The type of environment you live in

When shopping for a sprinkler system, always consider the type of environment it’s going to be used in. In dry areas, it would be wise to invest in sprinklers that have the capacity to produce a large amount of water given the deficit that might be present in your area. The fact that the region is dry might also require that you use the sprinkler more regularly. Having one that is heavy duty and meant for rigorous use would be wise as it reduces the risk of wear and tear associated with the system.

The types of plants the sprinklers will be used on

What sort of plants are you planning on having in your yard? Though this is not so common, it could affect the choice of sprinkler system you can get. Some plants require a lot more water than others, and this means that the sprinklers used for them might need to produce more of it. Some plants also produce very strong roots that have the potential to damage flimsy sprinkler pipes. If you happen to have decided to plant such species, it would be wise to get sprinklers that are made of more sturdy material.

The recommendations of your local environmental agency

Environmental agencies have one mandate: to ensure that the environment is not degraded. Part of this mandate involves making sure that natural resources such as water are conserved. If you are not sure about the types of sprinklers you can use for your home, you could find it if your local environmental agency has any recommendations regarding this, and then using them as the basis for your shopping. Most of the time, doing this will enable you to end up with a sprinkler system that conserves as much water as possible, and this will lower the cost of using it.

The size of the lawn

The size of the area you want to water plays a huge role in determining the type of sprinkler system you should get. If you have a small lawn, for instance, a stationary sprinkler might be a good idea. These tend to be very basic to operate, and are consequently very cheap. If you have a very large lawn, on the other hand, a pulsating sprinkler makes a lot more sense though it’s likely to cost you more.


The aesthetics you are interested in achieving also determine the type of sprinklers you can get. Some people might want to get a pristine lawn that is not spoilt by any other artificial fixtures such as visible sprinkler heads. For such people, getting the ones that retract into the soil when not in use might be a good idea. The other option would be to get a drip irrigation system, which has pipes that are underground. The latter also provide an aesthetic benefit in terms of not watering areas such as the pavements through the lawn.

The shape of the lawn

If you happen to have an irregularly-shaped lawn and are interested in watering it evenly without wasting too much water, an option you can explore is the travelling sprinkler. This is made of a metal or plastic pipe that is laid out along the lawn, with a sprinkler that travels against the pipe when in operation.

In summary, picking a sprinkler system should not be a process that is done in an arbitrary manner. The above are just a few of the variables you can use to determine which one to get. If it seem complicated to choose, you can always consult your sprinkler vendor. The fact that they have a lot of experience in the field makes them the best source of accurate information to help you make the right decision.

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