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Having a beautiful lawn in your property is a great thing, but it never comes free. You will have to invest some time, money and other resources in order to enjoy a marvelous turf in front of your house every day. However, don’t think that you will spend a fortune on this. The price of lawn care on a yearly basis is heavily influenced by a couple of factors which will be explained in detail below.

1. The size of the lawn. This is perhaps the most important factors of them all. If you have a large lawn, your maintenance costs might be quite high in some cases. On the other hand, if you have a cute little green lawn, it might cost you much less to maintain and care for it on a regular basis. Consider this aspect if you are thinking of adding a lawn in front of your house as it will give you an idea of what running costs you should foresee in the upcoming years.

2. The mowing frequency. You cannot have a beautiful lawn if you don’t mow it from time to time. This task can be done by yourself and it can cost you a certain amount of money, usually around $25-30, depending on the size of the lawn and the lawn mower you use. Also, if you mow your turf more often, expect to pay more in the future.

3. The watering schedule. In a similar fashion, watering is just as important for your lawn as mowing and it should be done on a regular basis. If you water your lawn manually then you might pay more money in the future as water can be wasted during the watering sessions.

On the other hand, if you go for professional irrigation systems, especially drip irrigation, you won’t waste water as these devices are smartly built to ensure maximum efficiency during the watering process. Basically, your lawn will be watered automatically and you can also save some money, so you should definitely consider investing in such quality watering systems.

4. Any lawn cleanup included in the service. Yep, your lawn can get quite dirty sometimes and it is a good idea to clean it up completely. If you are too busy, you can outsource this task and pay about $20-25 for it. Basically, the cleanup process involves removing leaves and tree branches which have fallen on your lawn during the autumn as well as eliminating various other debris and impurities.

5. Other helpful services such as aeration, fertilization and so on. These are additional factors which must be taken into consideration. Different aeration routines can cost you some money, but you will only need to perform them a few times every year. Also, certain organic fertilizers might cost more, depending on their type and quality.

Overall, your lawn care won’t cost you too much money, but you should make a small note in your mind, remembering yourself to save a couple of bucks every month in order to pay for lawn care. Also, you can save a great deal of money if you ask for our help. We are very experienced when it comes to lawn care and our services come at a fair price, so contact us today!

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