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When you are selling a plot of property, the house in it might seem to be the most important and salient feature to attract buyers. However, a property comes as a package and other things which may seem less important are equally valuable in forming an attractive outlook. One of these is the landscaping of your property. Be it that you want to show around a potential buyer your property or simply are taking your friend around your house, having luscious green grass well carpeted over your landscape sure does add more points to the overall look.

However, it is true that sowing seeds and waiting for plants and grass to grow on their own might be a long and arduous process which might not be worth the effort. If you already have a lawn but if it is damaged such that replacing it is the only choice, then perhaps you can consider something called re-sodding your lawn. Let this article take you through what re-sodding entails and how you can go about doing it.

How much would re-sodding your lawn cost?

The average cost would range from 34 cents per square foot to $1.15 per square foot. This cost encompasses both the removal of your previous lawn and the sodding of the new lawn. On top of that, installation of the new lawn would also require some payment. This would range from about 15 cents to a dollar per square foot.

Why should you re-sod your lawn?

The most glaring reason to re-sod your lawn would be because your garden or lawn has dried up overtime and has started looking sad and unattractive. Another reason may be because that there is a lot of damage going on with the soil and the ground of your lawn and immediate efforts have to be taken to make it fertile again, allowing it to regenerate its cycle so that it does not turn futile and barren.

That said, your lawn does not have to look like a desert for you to make a decision that re-sodding is the only choice. A lawn does not have to be re-sodded entirely – this means that you can work with the bald spots on your lawn by re-sodding them and replacing them with brand new pieces of sod. Re-sodding might also be preferred if the owner decides that he or she requires a change in the grass type of the lawn, switching it to a more hardy type of grass etc suitable for the household, maintenance and weather.

Re-sodding may also be the option if you are running out of time to make your lawn look healthy and pretty again. Re-sodding is considered as an immediate option to create a lovely, luscious yard in a few days. In a short span of time, you to entertain guests at home gatherings or a re-sale of your house and property.

The procedure of re-sodding your lawn

Even though it is as though re-sodding a lawn should be less pricey than sowing a lawn for the first go, it can actually get more money and time consuming. Re-sodding a lawn starts with removing what ever that is remaining as vegetation in your previous lawn and this is why it’s so. The existing growth has to be removed with a shovel to dig up all the roots, weeds and grass. Professionals tend to try to speed up the process by using a sod cutter which is a large tool to cut out square pieces of grass at one go. Once the ground is bare and flat enough, and once proper drainage has been established, only then can the new sod be placed in on the ground. This new sod is laid upon in rows and each part of sod is laid down on the ground one by one until the whole surface area is fully sealed. Next, a sod roller is run over the ground’s surface to sink the grass and press it into the soil. Finally, the sod has to be watered. This has to be done at least a few times a day for the first three days after re-sodding.

What’s the good part about re-sodding?

Well, regardless of the price, there are definitely plenty of good from re-sodding a lawn. Re-sodding your lawn is like giving it a new lease of life. A fully re-made lawn looks luscious and attractive, making your landscape look better than before. Through this it immediately increases the overall price of your property! This way, the money you would have spent on re-sodding your lawn is easily gained back as even a double profit while you make your sales.

This comes in handy if you are looking for a re-sale. Moreover, it becomes a better place to entertain guests and events. And it is also much quicker than seeding out a whole new lawn with your own hands!

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