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The best way to keep your lawn well watered is by installing a sprinkler system. Installing the system will save you time and energy while ensuring that your lawn is well-maintained. You will find many types of sprinklers in the market and choosing the right one can help to ensure that you water your lawn effectively. It is also important to note that different parts of your lawn or property may require particular sprinkler systems for the most effective results.

When shopping for sprinklers, think about the size of your lawn, the type of soil, the climate in your region and the amount of saturation that you need. These factors play a major role when choosing sprinkler systems. It is important to understand the common types of sprinkler systems available so that you can make the best choice.

• Spray sprinklers

Spray sprinkler systems are perfect if you are watering a small space or yard that requires a large volume of water within a short time. These sprinklers are ideal for watering shrubs, flowerbeds or turf. The volume of water or application rate will vary depending on the type of spray sprinkler that you choose. The two main types of spray sprinklers are the pop-up and the stationery or pipe mounted sprinkler. Spray sprinklers work best on flat ground and soils that are very absorbent like sand. If you use spray sprinklers on sloping areas or areas with nonabsorbent soil, set the water to ensure that it is absorbed fast before running onto the sidewalks.

• Rotor head systems

Rotor heads are ideal for large spaces like lawns and parks. They are also useful for golf courses that are uniformly covered. The application rate of the rotor heads is less than the rate of spray sprinklers and they only average a rate of 0.6 to 0.8 inches per hour. The systems require less cycling, because the areas and soil types have lots of time to absorb the limited water amount, while ensuring constant watering. The rotor heads come in two main designs – single or double spray, and they are operated through a rotating gear. The systems produce water in smooth streams and you can get impact units that spray water in all directions through an upside-down position.

• Drip sprinkler systems

These sprinklers are usually used on non-turf areas. The systems help to ensure that the water gets to specific sections or plants in an area. The sprinklers are perfect when you have a lawn that has plants that require different water demands. The drip systems have different application rates and they can vary from 0.5 up to 24 gallons per hour. The systems come in form of hoses or tubes that have small holes through which the water drips directly into the soil. The advantage of the drip systems is that they can be set to target predetermined sections or to water whole areas without wetting the pavements.

Whether you need to water a large lawn or small flowerbeds, it is important to choose the best sprinkler system for an easy and efficient task.

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