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faq1It’s really convenient!

Because you can easily program your automatic garden sprinkler system you do not have to lift a finger to hydrate your garden. No more dragging hoses across the lawn, and no more worrying about who will water your garden when you are away on holidays. An automatic irrigation system leaves you free to spend your time your way!

It ensures a healthy lawn

You can program your automatic sprinkler to give your lawn just the right amount of water it needs – and in the right way. By watering your lawn for a prolonged period you can ensure that the grass is encouraged to grow deep, strong roots. The result? A beautiful, hardy green lawn.

It’s efficient – so it saves water

Our sprinkler systems conserve water – benefiting the environment and keeping your water bills to a minimum – through efficient and intelligent watering. The water is applied the water slowly, ensuring that it sinks into the soil rather than running off the surface, and our precise planning and layout ensures the water is directed only to where it is needed.

Rain, wind and frost sensors react to the weather conditions to avoid unnecessary watering.

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